Chemical wash air con overhaul services

Price List
1 x FCU $150 $120
2 x FCU $300 $220
3 x FCU $450 $300

* Comes with 90 days workmanship warranty
* 9kbtu – 12kbtu = $120 per unit
* 18kbtu to 24kbtu = $200 per unit

Scope of Work

Dismantle of fan coil unit
Dismantle electronic control and drainage device
Chemical cleaning of fan coil unit & parts
Vacuuming of drainage system
Charging in of refrigerant
Check AC control & thermostats
Test & commission system


Thoroughly eradicates germs, mould,bacteria and odour
Prevents clogging of AC from dirt, mould and bacteria
Improve overall effciency and machine lifespan
Clean AC will result in cost savings and a safer environment for the occupants