High pressure steam cleaning service

Price List
1 x FCU $80 $65
2 x FCU $160 $125
3 x FCU $240 $180
4 x FCU $320 $230
5 x FCU $400 $270

* Comes with 60 days workmanship warranty

Scope of Work

Steam cleaning of evaporator coil
Clean & check filter, front panel and cover
Check deodorizing and purifying filer
Check & clean indoor evaporator coil
Check & clean indoor drainage tray
Vacuuming of drainage system
Brush & check outdoor condenser coil
Check fan bearing & lubricate, if necessary
Check compressor suction & discharge pressure
Tightening of electrical contact


Uses less water for cleaning
Thoroughly eradicates germs, mould, bacteria and odour
Environmentally friendly
Clean AC will result in coat savings and a safer environment for the occupants